Uploading w/ different users

I have created a new user account that I would like to use to upload to another users account. For example: My site is under /user1/mysite.com. I have created a user2 that will also be making changes to the site living under /user1/mysite.com/ When I ftp with user2 i am stuck in the user2 home dir and cannot navigate to the user1 dir. The user2 needs to be a shell account.
Can anyone help?

since our ftp server chroots a user to their home directory (ie they can’t traverse outside it), you probably want to make user2’s home directory /home/user1/user2 and make site.com in /home/user1/user2/site.com

or something like that. then you’ll need to make the files you want them to share group writable (you can create a new group for that domain’s files from the web panel if you want).