Uploading to Whois server


I have a feeling that there is a very basic solution but I am new to web publishing and can not figure this out. I use yahoo and whois as hosts for my two domains. When I upload content to my yahoo host i set Nvu to ftp://ftp..com. When I try to upload to Whois with this same meathod I am unable.

How can I upload properly and what am I doing wrong.

thanks very much,


I’m confused by your whois server.

Do you mean how to upload files to your server in DH?

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If you’re hosted by Yahoo, then there’s just not much we can help you with here. Not many of us are Yahoo users.



I am sorry. I am very new to web publishing. What is DH?

I am using Nvu to make my first two web sites. I am having trouble getting my content from Nvu up onto the web. I pay for both yahoo server space and whois server space. I have no problem publishing with yahoo but can not get my content up on the whois server.

That is my basic problem.


DH stands for DreamHost. This forum is mainly for DreamHost’s customers.

If you are hosted with Yahoo server or Whois server, you should seek help from their supports.

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Im not sure how I ended up on this forum : ) Thanks though