Uploading to a Subdomain



I am a newbie, so I will do my best to ask this question in a way that makes sense.

I have created a subdomain (both the domain and the subdomain are hosted here with Dreamhost). How do I go about uploading content to the subdomain and then linking to it?

For example –

I want My Sub Web to point to mysubweb.web.com. Do I save the home page on My Sub Web as index.html? I am not sure I am asking this question right.

I think it’s something like Dreamhost will create a subdirectory for my subdomain like home/myusername/mysubweb/. If that’s the case, do I put my new index.html in that mysubweb subdirectory? I will have to look for it in the remote folder, right? Or do I create it in my local folder?

I’m not sure that makes sense…?

Please help me. I’m a lost soul.


If you set the user as your domain.com user when creating the subdomain the files will be stored in the /home/yourname/sub.domain.com/ folder.

If, however, you created a new user when creating sub.domain.com you’ll need to login using that user’s credentials to upload files (home/newuser/sub.domain.com)

In any event, upload your content into the sub.domain.com folder.


Yes, you are right. If you’ve created a new FTP user for yoru subdomain, remmeber to replace “myusername” with new FTP username. If you are not sure where to upload the files, you can always use DH’s WebFTP via DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains --> WebFTP It will bring you to the right folder.

Yes, that is correct. Name it as index.html and place it inside the subdomain’s folder.

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Thanks to both of you for responding. I don’t see those subdomain folders. Do I have to create them myself? I thought I read that DreamHost creates them for you when you create a subdomain. I don’t see them with my other folders on the remote site.


What user did you use for the subdomain? From “Domains>Manage Domains”, you can edit hosting for the subdomain and find out what the hosting settings are for that subdomain. One of those setttings is the user under which the domain is hosting (look under “Fully Hosted” settings).

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I’m a beginner, so excuse my ignorance.

I don’t know anything about users. I don’t have any of those (I don’t think).


No need to apologize. You’re in the Beginner’s forum so it’s to be expected! :slight_smile:

Oh, you do! Do you see your domains when you go to “Domains>Manage Domains” in the panel? If you do, click on the “Edit” button for the domain or subdomain.

That will take you to a screen which will display your web hosting settings for the domain or subdomain for which you clicked “Edit”. Is one of the sections “Active”? Which one?

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Let’s explain in details.

  1. How to log into DH panel
    You’ll need your email address which is used during sign up and password to log into DH panel via https://panel.dreamhost.com

  2. How to add sub-domain
    You can add/remove sub-domain via DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains --> Add Domain/Sub-Domain. Here you can select the FTP user to host the domain/sub-domain. You can use existing user or create new user

  3. How to upload files for a domain/sub-domain
    You can use DH’s WebFTP tool to upload files for a domain/sub-domain after the domain has been added to your hosting plan (refer to no 2). To access WebFTP, look for DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains --> WebFTP You should see a list of domains hosted in your plan. Click WebFTP next to the domain name you want to upload for and you will be directed to that domain’s folder.

You may want to spend some time to get familiar with DH’s panel as well.

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