Uploading theme


I have bought a domain name from another provider. I have bought a wordpress theme and I am hosting trough dream host.

I have made it to the panel and am trying to work out how to upload my theme to my panel to begin working on the website. I have no idea how to do this. I tried logging into the webtfp but it won’t let me. I can get connect via ftp but have no idea what to do once I’m there.

I haven’t downloaded wordpress. I just have the theme. The only panel I dreamhost panel.

I have changed the password on the webtfp but it still denies me access. It was changed about an hour ago.

Just to check my host is my domain name? My login, my user name? and the passwrod is that to which I had reset it?


The easiest way to get the theme installed will be to install WordPress, which we offer a very easy and simple way to do that.
First login to your Panel. Once there on the left hand side menu bar go to “One-click installs”. From there you can do a very simple WordPress install onto your site.
Once the site has been setup with WordPress go to yourwebsite.com/wp-login.php and once you have a user name and password set up you should be able to login.
After you have logged into WordPress, on the left their should be a “Themes” link you can click on.
From their you can browse themes and install themes that you have on your computer.
I hope this helped and answered you question! If there is anything else feel free to let us know!