Uploading site

How do I upload my site to my domain? I went to ftp://ranneday.com and entered the password dreamhost gave me, then i dragged and dropped my .hmtl file and .jpgs over, but that publishes under C:\Documents and Settings\Jocelyn Ranne\My Documents\Raow\ranneday.html, and when I go to www.ranneday.com, it only shows Index of/


Make sure you are putting the files in the directory that has the same name as your domain name. When you first connect to your site with FTP, you are actually connecting to a directory like this:/home/username/But you need to actually put your web files in a directory like this:/home/username/example.com/It is done this way so that you can easily manipulate multiple domain names.

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Like scjessey explained, you need to put files inside yourdomain.com folder.

If you like to upload files via FTP client, you will see three folders after you log in. “Maildir”, “Logs”, “yourdomain.com”. You should put files inside “yourdomain.com” folder.

If you are in shell environment, make sure you are in /home/username/yourdomain.com folder.

Good luck!

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