Uploading site

I’m using Dreamweaver MX to upload my site. It’s set up on the remote site as ftp…
hostname: ftp.mydomain.com ?
host directory: / ?
login: <my site name w/out .com>

It created the “/” folder automatically. Everything went through fine and it found the
server but when I tested my site in three different browsers but it came up with a 404
error that the requested URL / was not found.

I’ve called a good friend of mine but he wasn’t sure what was wrong. Can you please help
me out?

Thank you.
Shannon Wall

I think your host directory should be set to your domain name. For example, if my domain was ihatemondays.com then I’d set the Dreamweaver host directory to ihatemondays.com as this is the default when setting up a new domain in the web panel.

What you have just done is upload your web site and all it’s files into your /root directory which is one below where the web server will look for your files to display to your clients.

  • wil