Uploading or embedding pics into my newsletter


Am new and NOT very tech savvy on making changes to my new site (thelindycharmschoolforgirls.com). I put out a monthly newsletter and through email its all fine but when I try to upload it to web page it omits all the pictures so then I try to insert (via the insert Pic button) and then it says I have to go to edit/filemanager/connectors/php blah blah but I can’t find where that is. Can’t be that hard surely? When my site was created they put one up and it looked great but I don’t know how they did it and No I can’t go back to them they have gone. Would loove some advice. Thanks x Chrissy

You can do most of this via WebFTP in the panel here. Go to Domains -> Manage Domains and click WebFTP next to your domain name.

From there, you can upload your pictures. I suggest you create an organized file structure for your newsletters, like /newsletters to drop the html files in, and /newsletters/images for the pictures.

While in WebFTP, you can manually edit your html newsletter files to update the path and filename for the images you uploaded.