Uploading old email

The wiki says one must create a user first, then use that user name via FTP and upload maildir files.

Well, here I am with almost 40 email accounts just created and needing to upload old email coming from my former webhosting.

I can’t access my mail users via FTP, so I’m stuck. I don’t want to recreate 40 users just to do that. Besides, what if I had more than 75 email accounts? Wouldn’t I be able to access them in order to upload or download (backup) their maildir contents? This is absolutely crazy.

Is there a way to enable FTP for regular mail users? If there’s not, DH MUST do allow enabling it!!! No files should reside away from the user’s ability to control them.

I have just 24 hours before my former webhosting terminates my account. My support tickets are waiting there while the clock is ticking. I thought three days would have been enough to transfer my domains. Last time I transfered it took just a few hours. I can’t believe it’s taking so long.

I signed up for DH just two days ago and I’m already wanting to leave. I’m desperate.