Uploading New Site

Hi, I need to upload a newly built site over an existing site and i cant figure out what I am doing!!

I have deleted everythign in the dev.encomwireless.com directory and successfully pulled down the old site, but uploading the new one here does not seem to work, alls i get is: No input file specified.

Can anyone tell mewhat I am doing wrong please?

Thanks for any help you can offer

Oh, i also tried uploading it to encomwireless.com folder, no luck, alls i get is a page showing PARENT DIRECTORY.

What software are you using to upload your files with? Are you certain you have set the correct path for uploading your files such as /home/username/yourwebsite

It may be that you have uploaded them below your web-server document root encomwireless.com. Or you may have added another folder name to your upload path ending up with /home/username/yourwebsite/yourwebsite.


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Hi Norm,

Thank you so much for replying, but I finally figured out that the ones working on it before me put a redirect on the .com directory. So when I uploaded the site it didnt show up!