Uploading new images with FTP?

I am teaching myself html and css coding (thank you, internet tutorials!) but I am completely stumped when it comes to FTP and how to actually use it with Dreamhost.

FYI, I am attempting to change out the header and other images on my site, and though I understand how to make the coding changes (at least, I think I do), I am not sure how to physically move the new images files from my computer to the right place in the template files. I am working with a WordPress template, BTW, in case that’s important.

I assume there is some easy way to access the FTP on my DreamHost Web Panel, but I’m not finding it. (Not sure what I’m looking for, to be quite honest.) Could someone please point me in the right direction and give me some pointers on how to transfer these files? I’m a total noob, so I would really appreciate step-by-step instructions if you have them.


Hope these help