Uploading my html files to my site

i am FTPing my html files to my site.
here is what i do
FTP address: shoneyboy.com/
name: shoney
password: ******
i log on
there are 2 folders
logs and maildir
i dont save my html in either of the two. i just save it in the main area.
i named the file index.html
i went to my site www.shoneyboy.com and it doesnt show up. what does show up is this
index of…
parent directory

and thats it.
what am i doing wrong here?


there is a picture

trying to get my stuff running.
first time doing this.

You should see a folder called “shoneyboy.com” as well. I would contact support.


Go to the Web Panel https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=domain.manage& and click “Edit” for the service type = “Web” for your domain. There’s a text field that states what disk directory the webserver should use as your base WWW directory – this is the directory name you need to have/create in your FTP root directory.

Usually the WWW root directory is “yourdomain.com” and that’s exactly what macmanx writes too.

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