Uploading my first web page

Ok, So I am ready to upload my first web page. I know I need to use FTP. I recall in my reading today that there are several FTP programs for uploading. What do you suggest using. Once I download it… Is it pretty self explanitory?

It would help us make good recommendations if we knew what operating system you are using. :wink:


windows xp

I am able to log in using webftp. I can upload one at a time. I even tried to zip and unzip once it was uploaded.

Yeah, webftp is usable in a pinch, but it gets old quickly. A real FTP client, and ssh for the zipping/unzipping and tarballs, is a better way to go.

For windows I actually like filezilla, or an “oldie but goodie” leechFTP (which is no longer supported or developed, but still rocks).

If you are concerned about security, you should make sure you set up your account for sftp, ans use an sFTP client.

There is a pretty good list of wind*ze FTP clients on the DH wiki. From that list I like FileZilla and FlashFXP. :wink:


I can get everything there but it doesnt work. I think I just dont know exactly what needs to be there. I am sooo new that I really dont understand how to get it up and running. Its a simple under construction page with one pic, two text boxes and a button which will send an email. I dont seem to get it.

I made it in Front Page. Is there something I might need to turn on in my account?

Well, the steps are really pretty simple:

  1. Obtain and install an FTP or sFTP client program on your computer, and “run” it.

  2. In your FTP client program, Set the “Host name” or “url” for the client to connect with to that of your domain (“yourdomain.tld”). How you do this varies from program to program, but the “help” should get you through that - check out the “how to connect” help.

  3. Set the user name to your FTP user name, as displayed in the DH Control Panel under “Users” -> Manage Users (if you have a new account, and you are just starting out, you likely only have one.

  4. Set the pasword to the password for that user - youeither set it when you created your user account, of DH emailed it to you when you added the FTP user.

  5. Leave other settings in the FTP program at defaults for now (port 21, remote directory is usually “blank”, etc.

  6. Ready, set, go! “Connect” to that set-up domain, and you will be shown a list of the user’s “base” directory on the DH server. It will have a few files in it, and a directory (folder for wind*ze users) with the same name as your domain.

  7. Navigate/click your way into that directory, and you should see that it is empty (if you have never uploaded to it before).

  8. Now shift your attention to the other “pane” or “section” of your FTP program, and find the files you want to upload (index.htm(l), graphics.gif, etc.). “Select” them and then use your program’s menus, or drag-n-drop, to send those files “up” to the DH server directory.

You’re done!


Ouch! That’s a big subject!

You can use FrontPge to create webpages that run on “standard” servers, but it was designed to create pages that require MSft servers, or extensions. Last time I checked, DH will install FrontP*ge extensions on your account, but they cripple other functions normally available on your account, and they really just don’t work very well in a modern hosting environment. You can “turn on” these extension from within your Control Panel, but I think you should read the rest of this post before you do so.

If you used anything that requires any Msft specific stuff, that stuff will not work on a non-MS server unless what are called "FrontPge" extensions are installed. If you avoided the use of such things, and just built a site in FrontP*ge using standard HTML, these extensions are not needed, and what I just described will work fine.

If you are just learning how to do this, I can not advise you strongly enough to not use FrontPage. That product is no longer being developed by Ms*ft (search the web, or these forums, or the DH wiki for more info on that), and support for it’s specific features is spotty, at best, on any server other than an “windows” server (DH uses Debian Linux).

Similar, but much better (and standard) tools for creating webpages in a WYSIWYG way, are KompoZer and NVU.

Both are “free software”, both in “free beer” and “free as in freedom”, produce reasonably valid HTML (much better than FrontPage), and produce code that will work portably across a wide range of web servers.

I’m sorry, I just can’t help you with FrontPage (I used it for a couple of years in the late 90’s), as using it properly in conjunction with an apache webserver, requires an elemental understanding of how webpages are assembled and how they are served.

There are many tutorials out there that discuss all of this, and I’m happy to answer a specific question if you run into trouble, but I’m just not up for trying to explain how to use FrontPage on a non-Ms*oft server.

If you are just learning, please consider learning “current”, and “standard” technology - it is no harder to learn, but you can use that knowledge anywhere. You will find it increasingly harder to use “FrontP*ge learning” as time goes on; you’ll end up having to learn how to do it the “right way” soon enough anyway. :wink:


Yeah, I’ll chime in and vote against FrontPage.

Where are you going with the site and with your web authoring? Just want to get your site up? Hoping to learn more and have big plans for your site? Is your objective doing this as a bit of a vocation after a while?

BTW, I recommend WinSCP as a transfer program. It’s a Windows SFTP client.

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Thanks guys for the info. I have heard that before so I will stop useing it now. Its one page saying I am under construction. Its up now. I just needed to take it off parking. ah da! Thats what I get for working on it at 3am on a Friday night. Looked at it this morning and whala. I will be ditching MSFP. What are your thoughts on Dreamweaver? I am new to building web pages but I am computer inclined as long as I have had enough sleep.

Everyone I know using Dreamweaver raves about everything about it except for its price.

Then again, it’s also one of those pieces of software that people mention as being worth its price.

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I started out with front page. For what I could do with it at the time, it was nice. But it didn’t take long before I really needed to learn css and psp. Back then front page did not display css pages very well. Kind of like how Dreamweaver displays php pages with out a php engine today. Partially viewable.

The thing with front page is there were times that you had to go in and edit the html code as it had the habbit of altering the code as it assumes you are going to use the extentions. Needless to say I never used the extentions, didn’t even see the need for them. As I prefer to use ftp for uploading files.

Not long ago I purchased Dreamweaver and I love it. It adds its own code to the html as well, but the difference is the code is added as a comment, so only dreamweaver would understand it not the browsers. This works great for autoupdating the date upon saving the file for example.

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