Uploading Multiple XML Files/Combining Them

Hi. I’m really new to web development and in the middle of a steep learning curve, but willing to learn of course. I’m trying to upload the XML file to my new hosted site in DreamHost (DreamPress), but when I exported the file from WP.com, it split the export into 9 smaller XML files. DreamPress allows for a 64 MB file upload size, and the 9 combined are only 22 MB…but the upload requires one XML file. Can I do 9 uploads and still get everything? Or can someone recommend where I can learn how to combine the 9 files into 1 so I can upload it to DreamPress? From what I can see, the 9 are all parts of a single XML file and WP divided it up. Thanks a million!

I have never tried exporting from WP.com so I don’t know exactly how those xml files are split. You can try importing them one by one into your DreamPress instance: off the top of my head (haven’t tried), wordpress import is smart enough to continue importing (it won’t drop what is already loaded, that is). Make sure you have a backup of what’s already there, so you can start over in case it fails.

Another approach you may try is to merge the XML files with some utility… I’ve never done that though… Maybe google has some suggestions.

Keep us posted please, this sounds like an interesting tutorial to write.