Uploading mobi files

So I’m a true beginner and need very basic, baby-step instructions.

I want to make a .mobi file available as a free download on my website. I believe that in order to do this, I must first upload the file to my DreamHost account and then use a plugin to upload it to my website.

Assuming this information is true, how do I upload the file to my DreamHose account?


If you are creating a website by hand, you just upload the file and then create a link to it.

You shouldn’t need a plugin, even in a CMS like WordPress, since they don’t read .mobi files. People would click on the link and the file would download to their device.

In WordPress, you can just upload the .mobi file to the media gallery. I’m pretty sure WP media can handle that file type, but I haven’t tested it.

BTW, your “Dreamhost account” is not the same thing as your website. You can have several websites with the same DH account.

To upload to your website you need ftp access and an ftp client like Filezilla.

Thanks for your help!
Unfortunately, WP won’t let me upload mobi or epub files directly (it will let me upload pdf, however).
However, last night I found a plugin that allows me to work around this problem.

Thanks again.

You did not specify you were using WordPress in your original post. That’s essential information.

Which plugin are you going with? Others here may find that useful. Thanks.

You can also do it by making your own small plugin, but both of these work :slight_smile: