Uploading large files

I have a few large files to upload to my page (~70kB mp3s) but when i tried to upload my ftp client said that the remote server (dreamhost i guess) disconnected after 1200 seconds and so the file didn’t get to complete uploading. Any suggestions?

Am completely new to this and taught myself to write web pages from a book so may need hand-holding instructions :slight_smile:


You might check your ftp client to make sure it is operating in “passive” mode (PASV). That is the first thing I would check.

How you do this depends upon your ftp client (you didn’t say which client you are using).


Thanks. I’m using smartFTP. Where would i be able to find out if the upload is passive?


Google is your friend :wink: :



thanks matey. what’s the difference between passive and active anyway? what difference does it make as to the success of the upload?

thanks again, and have a nice day!

No problem. There are several links to more info about PASV mode in this recent post:


The difference it can make has a lot to do with the success of the communication between the server and the client.

You might also want to take a good browse through the smartFTP forums and knowlegebase - lots of related stuff there. Just work off the earlier link I provided, and click “Support” in the left-side menu (I noticed “lots” of stuff related to possible firewall interaction, antivirus stuff, and other “problems” being discussed when I Googled it earlier).


cool. thanks very much.

You are welcome. Hopefully, you can get it sorted by changing the mode, or with one of the other tips on the smartFTP site. It might help others in a similar situation if you let us know what works for you and, of course, if you continue to have problems just post again and we can investigate further. :slight_smile: