Uploading issues


So I hope that I am in the right forum category…

I am getting really frustrated because I keep uploading my website and it’s not working right. I am using a frame based set-up and the frameset pops up, but everything else is blank. If someone could help me out or direct me to a place that would I would be very thankful because the wiki isn’t helping me at all

  1. Take a deep breath.
  2. Post the URL so we can take a look.
  3. Be sure you’re uploading your content into the YOURDOMAIN.com directory.
  4. Clear your browser’s cache and/or try a different browser.



deep breath…



It seems that the pages you are trying to load into the frameset are primarily blank. Each page of the directory http://aokayart.com/mainpage/ contains nothing within the sections of the documents.

I should warn you that unless you have a specific need for them, frames are considered to be one of the worst possible aspects of websites. They should be avoided at all costs. I can help you to create a frameless “normal” site if necessary.

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Your directories should look like:
/aokayart.com/working files/ (you really need to get rid of spaces in file & directory names)
/aokayart.com/working files/banner.gif
/aokayart.com/working files/thumbbkg.jpg

And so on. Stuff’s either missing, or in the wrong directory.



thanks I am so new to this…and I was actually told that frames were helpful, I guess that shows how much my source knows.

So I should have a separate directory for each subfolder in my site?


Directory and Subfolder are the same thing. You shouldn’t be dumping all of your .html, .jpg, and .gif files in the same directory. However you created the website on your home computer is how it should be transferred over. If you built it in, say, a directory called “web,” you need to do this for FTP:
FTP to the server and change into the domain.com folder. For your local directory, change into the “web” folder. Now select all and drag everything over: all files, all folders, all at the same time.



ohhhhh that makes so much more sense

thanks for all the help!


ahhhh! sucess thank you guys so much…can’t even describe the happiness of finally figuring this out!!!


Well, that’s a HUGE improvement. I notice that the Independent Gallery link doesn’t do anything. And the “links” on the Links page are text-only and don’t have links set up. I also advise against publishing your email address unless you don’t mind the spam.

I expect you’re still developing the site, but your main frameset doesn’t have a TITLE, so it shows as “Untitled Document.” Anyhow, looks nice. Keep up the good work!