Uploading index.html + flash data



I have just finished a flash website for a friend’s non-profit (Africa-Projects) and am having issues uploading the required data. I have it packed into a .zip file at 3.68MB. This includes the index.html, index.swf, and a preloader.swf. I have successfully uploaded it to a free hosting site, but I am at a loss as to how to upload to dream host. I have tried the ftp client, which is where we did all of the work on the old site from. There is, however, a maximum file size on uploads. I have a hard time thinking that a free hosting service would allow my upload while this paid one wouldn’t, so I figure I must do this another way. Any input?
In case anyone would like to check the organization out…


Still no luck uploading…


I don’t think your post asks a very specific question. However if you are trying to configure an FTP client to work with dreamhost there are a number of different hostnames you can use. To make it simple, I personally just use the domain name that the dreamhost user is configured for as the hostname.

Also once you have logged in via FTP be sure to change to the directory named the same as the domain name you are working with. (when you log in you will land in your HOME directory, you should see a directory named the same as your domain name, that is where you want to be).

If you have additional problems please add more details, for example what FTP client you are using, and/or what error messages you are seeing.