Uploading images to wordpress

Hello everyone,

I’n facing a strange issue with my site www.stylishwalks.com. Earlier uploading of images onto the site was very swift and fast. But from past 2-3 days whenever i try to upload images onto the site it is not showing the uploading bar which normally appears for everyone when image is uploading and shows “HTTP error” message

But when i click on update the post and click on “add media” again the image is visible in the “Media Library” section and if select that image and click on “Insert” the image is not shown inserted into the article whereas if i check the “Text” section beside the “Visual” option in the editor the code of the image insertion is available i.e., ahref and alt tags etc

Can anyone help me in fixing this issue. This is really banging my head from 3 days. Please help

Have you tried a different browser? Just to test…

Yeah tested on Firefox, Chrome. Both the browsers are showing same issues all the time

I seem to remember an identical thing happening last year to a site I was working on…I updated PHP to 5.4, and then increased the memory limit, and also ran all WordPress and plugin updates and that solved it. (one of those things…)

The other thing was the client was travelling, and his internet connection varied wildy…many IP companies give decent download speeds, but minimal upload speeds.
Trying to upload a bunch of high-resolution tourist photos was causing all sorts of issues in certain countries. Teaching the client to reduce image-sizes and editing helped a lot.

Sometimes a problem can be multiple things working together to give you head-aches

In case this is still happening, I went and cleaned out your server’s tmp folder. WP can be dippy sometimes with how it builds images, saving the failed ones(!!!) in /tmp

Also I would try bumping PHP memory :slight_smile: http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Php.ini#PHP_5.3_.2F_5.4

Thanks guys on your inputs. The issues seems to be fixed and my image upload is working fine. Appreciate your quick responses :slight_smile: