Uploading html to website

I am having difficulty uploading (FTPing) my web page to my site (through design software). The files go to the “parent directory” but not to the website sub-directory. I have tried accessing with Google and have the same issue. I get an error message saying the webpage is down or has been moved. I can get to my web directory through the DreamHost panel.

When you login to ftp you are placed in your home directory. /home/USERNAME/

You should see a directory that was created automatically when you added hosting for yourdomain. If you accepted the panels default that directory will be named the same as your DOMAINNAME.COM

Change into that directory /home/USERNAME/DOMAINNAME.COM/ this is where you will want to upload.

If the DOMAINNAME.COM directly doesn’t exist, then you might be logged into the wrong ftp user for this domain.

Ok. I finally got the created html out into the appropriate directory. Now how do I get rid of ‘quickstart.html’ or at least disable it so my new web page shows up.

What do you name the html? If it’s index.htm or index.html it should override the quickstart.html

the simple answer tho, delete the quickstart.html file. It should be in the same directory that you uloaded your html file to.

As best I can figure out, the only way I can get to the actual directory of websitename.com is through FTP. When I get to the appropriate directory, there is no ‘command line’ in which to type the delete command and there is no delete in the list of commands by using a right mouse click. The name of the html is ‘Main Page’. Should I have named it index.html?

Yeah, just rename it to index.html and she’ll be apples.

Nope. No apples. index.html exists in same directory as quickstart but quickstart is what come up when I access webpage.com. arrrrgh. . . .

Logging in with correct user? Check “manage domains” in the panel. The ‘user’ controlling the domain is listed in the web hosting column, you must be using that user when logging into the server.

Also delete the quickstart.html and refresh the page in your browser, that should show you if your index.html is in the correct directory. If both exist, index will be found and used before quickstart.

I really appreciate your helping me with this. Here’s what I did differently:
I used the webFTP on the panel (instead of FTP) which Dreamhost calls AjaXplorer. This allowed me to delete quickstart.html. In Google chrome, this still did not work. But when I accessed the website with IE, everything was ‘apples’. This lead me to believe that the problem was with Chrome cache. Once I cleared that out, then Google took me to my site. YEA!!! Finally.

I noticed similar behaviour with Chrome recently. Very annoying.