Uploading .htaccess files

I have attempted to upload a .htaccess file with my FTP client and do not see it in the directory. Where is it and why can I not see it?

Some (most?) FTP clients will not display ‘hidden’ files by default. In your FTP client’s options page you should find an option similar to ‘Display Hidden Files’, enable this and you should then be able to see the .htaccess file.


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Tried that, can’t find it. I am using WS_FTP 95 and it does not have that option.

Furthermore, I am new to DreamHost, coming from LunarPages. I was able to use the very same FTP client there and was able to view the .htaccess file just fine from that hosting company’s directory.

Files starting with a dot is hidden by default in Unix systems. Most FTP will allow you to select “view hidden files” in the options.

More info in the Knowledge Base:
How do I show hidden files?

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Actually, it does…

From ws_ftp95le help:
-----------------begin cut n paste from help -----------------
WS_FTP Pro Window

When you have established a connection between your local PC and an FTP site, the WS_FTP Pro main window displays the files and folders for your PC in the Local System list box (on the left) and the files and folders of the FTP site in the Remote System list box (on the right).

· Note: In the 16-bit version of WS_FTP Pro, each column contains two list boxes: the top list box shows the available folders; the bottom list box shows the files in the currently selected folder.

The current folder is shown at the top of each column. The list box below the current folder shows all of the files and folders within the current folder. Icons are used to identify files and folders. Any disk drives that you can access also appear in the list.

The buttons to the right of each column provide file and folder operations for that column. These are shown below, from top to bottom.



RmDir (16-bit version only; in 32-bit version, use Delete)

File Mask







· Note: The above commands, as well as some additional commands are available from the right-mouse menu. Select a file or folder and use the right-mouse menu.

Folder options (“classic” user interface)

To change folders in the WS_FTP Pro classic user interface, you can edit the folder path in the text box, or you can use the ChgDir button. Also, if you enable Remember directories in the Session options, the drop-down list for both the local and remote current folders will show the folders you visited during the last session.

Sort options (16-bit version)

You can use the column headings (Name, Date, Size) above the Local System and Remote System list boxes to sort the files and folders shown in the list box. See Sorting Directories and Files.

Additional Items Available from Pop-up Menu

Sort (32-bit version only)

Edit File (only in 32-bit version, remote system list box)

Move Files

chmod (UNIX)

Message Log

Below the list boxes, there is a message area that logs all queries from the WS_FTP Pro client (your PC) and all responses from the FTP site. You can double-click in this area to expand the listing. You can also click the LogWnd button to display the messages in a window.

---- more specifically -----------

File Mask Text Box

The File Mask text box is located just below the MkDir button. It allows you to limit the files displayed in the lists for either the Local System or Remote System; this is handy if there are a large number of files and folders.
In the File Mask text box, enter a filter that is valid for the system, and then press Enter. For example, to display only files with the extension .txt, enter *.txt in the File Mask text box and press Enter. The corresponding list box is refreshed to display only the files with the extension .txt.

If you are connected to a UNIX FTP site, you can use:

· -al or -la in the File Mask text box on the Remote System side of the window to view hidden (.) files

· -altr in the Remote System side of the window to view file names in date sequence (in the 32-bit versions of WS_FTP Pro only)

Note to those familiar with FTP command line clients: You can use any argument string you would use with a “Dir” command in a command line FTP client.

—end cut n paste from help -------------


That’s nice, but that still doesn’t explain why I can’t see it. I transfer the file, the FTP client says it is successfully transferred, but the file fails to show. I have followed your (and WS_FTP’s) instructions to a tee and the file still does not show. Besides, the very same client shows the file on another hosting company (LunarPages) without having to make “view” adjustments.

I can’t comment of WS_FTP, because I do not use it. However, the client I use (FlashFXP) shows hidden files fine when accessing DreamHost, assuming I have enabled the ‘Show Hidden Files’ option.


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Was your previous server Unix based? If not, that would explain why the ‘hidden’ files were not hidden by default.


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Ditto. I use CuteFTP on my PC and Transmit on my Mac. For CuteFTP I have to filter using -a to see hidden files. On Transmit there’s a “show hidden files” command. Both work just fine to edit .htaccess.

In other words, if the original poster can’t see .htaccess files it’s not Dreamhost’s fault. There’s something that he/she is doing wrong in either creating the file or using the software to view it.

Some hosts have a way of seeing and editing the file directory from the control panel. Dreamhost does not.

ws_ftp’s instructions are a little obtuse in this area…but the program does show hidden unix/linux files, on DreamHost, no matter how vigorously you insist otherwise. I made a screen capture .jpeg of wsftp-95 connected to a DH domain, with the proper file mask set, showing an htaccess “.” file. It is available at http://www.rlparker.com/ws_ftp95_Show_Hidden_files.jpg

Obviously, LunarPages is not set up the same way as DH; which is completely irrelevant to whether or not you can “see” hidden files on DH with wsftp-95 :slight_smile:


Yes, it was Unix based.

Thank you. The previous poster had the command read .-al instead of just -al. That does make a difference.

You are welcome! Glad you’ve got it sorted :slight_smile:


Yes, now if I can only get the system to view the test pages in the cloaker. Are you familiar with Search Engine Cloaker?

This should have been a new thread, as it is in no way related to the topic indicated in your post’s subject" line ;-).

If you are referring to the software sold at http://www.searchenginecloaker.com/ , I am not familiar with it other than to say that I am ideologically opposed to such “search engine gaming” software, and believe that this kind of nonsense, if sucessfull, cripples a search engine’s usefulness to internet citizens.

If you use such methods to drive traffic to your site, you had better hope that the guys who produce your “cloaking” tools can stay ahead of Google in the “search engines vs. net leeches” arms race, or you are likely to find yoursite “delisted” from civilized search engines.

I’m happy to help with relevant questions that are relevant to the forum where posted, but I am not interested in providing “one on one” tech support to help mislead a search engine as to the quantity, depth, or quality of content on a site.


You clearly do not understand my intentions, and if you have an issue with the people who create that software, I suggest you take it up with them and not me.

As far as the question regarding SEC, I will create a new thread but I suggest that you don’t get involved with its discussion. Thanks for your help with the .htaccess files.

You are entirely correct; I do not “understand” your intentions (as I do not know what your intentions are). You clearly did not understand my intentions in my response to you. I know nothing about you, except that your experience level with webhosting is such that you could not even interpret the help offered by your own chosen ftp program. This led me to believe that you are “new” to this stuff, and I was trying to give you a “heads up” about the potential harm “Search Engine Cloaker” type search engine manipulation can do to your interests in trying to get your site effectively indexed.

I’ve had more than one client look back and regret the day they, against my advice, began using such tools and found their site dropped from google. You have now made it clear that you don’t appreciate the warning, so “fair enough”, and good luck with your endeavor.

As for your suggestion that I “take it up with them” (the people who create the software), you demonstrate an impressive lack of understanding about web economics…as long a people buy such software, people will produce it, when people stop buying/using such software, it will go away. If one really wants to discourage the use of such tools, the only effective method of doing so is to educate those using them as to their true nature and their potential harm Some, unlike you, appreciate the insight and will reconsider whether they actually want, or need, to use such tools.

Just for the record, I would most lilkely have not bothered to get involved in a new thread regarding SEC, and I suspect that I will refrain from doing so in spite of your suggestion (trying to resist trolls as much as possible these days!), but do not suppose for a single minute that you have the credibility or authority to police in what discussions I, or any other user on these forums, participate.

I’m glad the .htaccess/ftp client information was useful to you, and have a Merry Christmas!

Again, you are quick to come to conclusions about me and what I know/don’t know. I am not new to this, but I have never had to jump through hoops to view a file before, despite having used FTP programs for the last five plus years.

I am using this software, and I must add “successfully” on my domains with another hosting company. My rankings on Google, Yahoo and MSN are better than they have ever been.

I simply am attempting to use another hosting company that is less expensive than the one I have. It appear this company is not interested in helping me since they have not had the decency of replying to my questions. They do not even have a phone number to call. Fortunately, they have a refund policy… which I plan to get my money back.

There is something to say for Unix servers, one that I now have an ever greater appreciation for. I will either stay with the hosting service I have now, unless I find one that can offer the same/similar services for less.

I will never, as you are, going to try to police a thread. But you are God and I am waisting my time with you.

As I said…Good Luck with your endeavor, and have a Merry Christmas :slight_smile:
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