Uploading from File List Via Putty or Else

Hi, I’m trying to setup a list of files in different dir locations on my local mahine, to diff locations on my server. Looking to make a batch file to call in putty after logged in to server.
I’m not looking to synchronize directories or manually select / copy files with WinSCP … I want to make a backup.bat file which i upload certan files from local to certain locations on server … as a backup chronjob for some important files … not all files i have.
I came accross http://the.earth.li/~sgtatham/putty/0.52/htmldoc/Contents.html with PSCP command http://the.earth.li/~sgtatham/putty/0.52/htmldoc/Chapter5.html#5 but putty gives me a command not found on entering pscp
any idea how i can achive this task ?
The coolest solution though would be to create a shortcut on my win7 desktop that when ever i push it it would copy those local files in the list to those server locations … is such even possible ?


This might work for you. Works for me.

The rsync Tool In Windows

tx for reply … can you also backup single files or has it to be the whole dir ? Asking, because I have really a lot of files in those dirs and my important files must reside in those dirs … i only want to backup to server those important files but not the whole thing because there partly are heavy changes of files which are not important enough for upload backup

Yes. And here is the rsync documentation: http://rsync.samba.org/documentation.html

ok cool tx man

… just looked it over but deeply I’d not be able to get this baby to fly … i know what i need to accomplish, but i’m unable to understand this extent of crypt in an appropriate time … do you think you can help me set this up ? I mean to read update able list of files source / destination and start uploading them on shortcut push.