Uploading folders

I have taken over management of a website and I am not familiar with dramhost. The current site is a wordpress blog which I believe is hosted on our dreamhost account. I would like to be able to get into the files directly in order to upload new files or folders in install new wordpress “plugins”. In other servers I have worked on they have a “file manager” or “file explorer” function where you can get in and upload new files. I can not find that here maybe I am missing it. I tried using the FTP functions but all that shows up is Logs and Mail. Thanks for any help you can provide.

It would appear that your particular blog is a One-Click “Easy” install which is maintained by DreamHost. This means that the files aren’t in your home directory, but on a server maintained by DreamHost. You can’t change any of the files (themes, plugins, etc.) there.

You can either live with what’s there, or export your WordPress data via wp-admin, trash the Easy install, and install it in Advanced mode, or manually.