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I am working on a web site that someone else set up through Dreamhost at my suggestion. They forwarded me the account info. that was sent to them and I can go in and manage the account etc. I uploaded all of the files using Dreamweaver but just see a directory at pokerinvitational.org. The trouble shooting page tells me that I have uploaded them into the wrong folder but I cannot figure out where I have gone wrong. Help!


Your pokerinvitational.org directory is empty. That’s where all your files belong.

If you’re not sure of the DreamWeaver settings, do a one-year search in the forums for Dreamweaver. I know the settings have been posted before.



Is there anywhere on Dreamhost where I can look to see files that have been uploaded (or not)? I just reloaded everything using GoLive which I am very familiar with and still nothing.


I don’t use GoLive but I use DreamWeaver. If you are using FTP connection, the FTP setting should be as follows:

FTP: pokerinvitational.org
Folder: pokerinvitational.org
user: youruser
pass: yourpass

Using this setting, DreamWeaver(or GoLive) will upload files to your FTP server\pokerinvitational.org folder.

Yes, there is another way to see your files in DH. DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains --> WebFTP

Note: WebFTP directly goes to your domain folder which is /home/youruser/yourdomain.com. If you connect via FTP, you will go to your user folder which is /home/youruser and your user folder contains 3 folders “Maildir”, “Logs”, “yourdomain.com”. All your files should be inside “yourdomain.com” folder.

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It looks like you’re almost there. The flash_contact file is missing, though.