Uploading files

I have no trouble uploading files to FTP…but when I do, they don’t show up on my new. I registered and activated www.masterevil.com I’m using CuteFTP. I put the info and password in CuteFTP and I sign on. Once I’m on, I see some subdirectories. One is called “masterevil.com” I’m guessing this is where I upload my files. So I go into that directory and send the files (including index.html). I then check out http://www.mastevil.com and get nothing but the "under construction page. Same as before… I also went into my account… under MANAGE - DOMAIN and made sure that it was set at “A Fully Hosted Domain” and not “A Parked Domain”

You list two different domain names, and since the domain mastevil.com is available for registration, I assume that you mean masterevil.com

You may have a domain, and you may have web hosting, but your domain does NOT point to Dreamhost.

Apparently, you never told Network Solutions that you have a website at Dreamhost, so they are still directing everyone to an “under construction” page on their own web server.

What you need to do now is to modify your domain registration. It is sufficient to list the Dreamhost name servers (both name and dotted-quad IP numbers), but you probably ought to change the technical contact as well, either to yourself or to the folks at Dreamhost.

Trying to modify a domain registration at Network Solutions isn’t impossible; I’ve done it when there was no alternative. On the other hand, it is difficult at best, and there are horror stories about them.

Here’s what I would suggest:

  1. Switch registrars. This means paying to extend your domain registration for another year. You don’t lose the time you’ve already paid for. (Your registration is up for renewal October 12, so you’d need to pay for your next year in September, anyway.)
  2. As soon as you switch registrars, edit your domain registration to reflect the Dreamhost nameservers and technical contact.

I suspect that if you post a request to technical support, they would help.

The database at internic gets rebuilt late every afternoon. After it gets rebuilt, any requests for your site’s IP numbers will reflect your host at Dreamhost. However, it once a name server gets an IP, it caches it for a while instead of making a new request to the root server, so it typically takes 2 or 3 days for your new location to propogate to most of the internet - and in remote corners of the internet, they may get the old site for up to a month.

Good luck! When dealing with domain registration, sometimes you need it.

I have troubles using cute ftp here at dreamhost I use my dreamhost id and pass and when I try to connect it gets to verifying the pass and then diconnects and says it can not recognize a valid pass? why is this You do us the pass and id dream host gives you right? But those dont work they are looked at as an invalid combination what gives?

do you use your FTP user’s user username / password or your web panel username / password? these are different.

if you’re using your ftp user’s username and password, you should probably contact support with the username and password you’re using, along with the other settings you’re using in cuteftp.