Uploading files through http

It’s very difficult for beginners like me to set up different functionnalities on my dreamhost account.

I succeed but it wastes a lot of time.

This time, I’m asking myself if I can upload files using http, I think that I should use a php script. At my job, only the port 80 is opened, so I can only upload files using http.

Can we do that ? Is it simple ? Dreamhost seems not to supply sample codes in order to do basic things like that. I can try, but testing many codes found on web pages for different php versions, with different global variables or apache configuration wastes too much time.

1st question Is it possible ?
2nd, is there a basic sample anywhere (thats works) ?

As luck would have it, there is already a web-based FTP client for you to make use of. Be aware that there is a 7Mb maximum file size that you can upload.

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thx, It helps a lot

But half of my pdf files are at least 30MB…

Is it forbidden/possible to install such an interface for a user using php script ?

The default installation of PHP on DreamHost will only allow you to upload files with a maximum filesize of 7Mb. In order to increase that limit, you will need to compile your own version of PHP, or mess around with the php.ini file. Since neither approach is “officially” supported by DreamHost, you will need at least an intermediate understanding of what you are doing.

I must say, I pretty amazed that you have PDFs of over 30Mb in size! You might want to think about optimizing these files.

Simon Jessey | Keystone Websites
Save $97 on yearly plans with promo code [color=#CC0000]SCJESSEY97[/color]

As Simon explained, as long as you are using PHP on Dreamhost you will have to jump through some significant hoops to upload files of that size.

Another alternative that would work well in your situation is to use an upload script or file manager written in Perl. Such a script does not have this filesize limitation, and there are many such scripts around the web that work well on Dreamhost.

Two that I have used and can recommend are:

  1. ffileman - very easy to install, simple interface, but very functional

  2. FileMan - Been around forever, very powerful, marginally more difficult to install, but very popular.

Both of these are “free” and, once installed in your Dreamhost web space, give you password protected access via a browser (so you can use it at work) to much of the same functionality as you find in DH’s webftp, but since they are written in Perl instead of PHP, you will not have the filesize limitation.