Uploading files question

This should be something really basic but for some reason I can’t seem to get it to work. A few weeks ago I had a friend set up a phpBB board for me on my website (made an FTP account for him and everything). PHPBB boards have been working great. If it matters any, whenever someone enters http://www.mydomain.com/, it goes straight to the phpboard index page (which is fine withme).

Now I am trying to upload some .html websites by myself to my webpage but after I upload them I can’t seem to find anything (?). for example, after going into mydomain.com folder, I would upload something like test.html, and go to http://www.mydomain.com/test.html and nothing shows up. I’m wondering what I might be doing wrong here. I feel bad asking such a newb question but I can’t seem to figure it out… any help is appreciated, thanks!

This is just speculation, but your friend could have set up a redirect from the .com/ address to a subfolder where the forum stuff is. So, if you enter .com/test.html then you’re really asking for the (forum-folder)/test.html which of course isn’t what you wanted.

You should (ask your friend to) check how the .com/ is mapped to the forum, and how that can be un-linked so that your address .com/test.html will actually find and show your test.html file. A complication would be to do this without breaking the convenient .com/ redirection to your forum, but worst case would be that your forum should be reached by typing .com/forum/ instead – perhaps not a big problem.


thanks a lot that’s exactly what it was… the redirect was straight my forum folder, and now with putting webpages there everything works perfectly.