Uploading email through FTP

After creating additional email users, how can I access the maildir/ for those new email addresses?

I can access FTP and see a maildir/ for the user I signed up with for the account, but I can’t see any of the new email users maildir/'s

My goal is to upload email from my old host and put it with the new mail I recieve, but I just can’t seem to access that users mail on the server. Can anyone shed some light on this, it seems like such a simple task…

I do not believe that you have FTP access to the maildir for those E-mail accounts unless they were created with a full user. It’s possible that support could help you out, or depending on how many E-mail addresses you have it may be easier to delete the existing address and then log into the panel > Users >Manage Users. From there create new users with FTP access and add an E-mail for them, all though the one form.

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well, i don’t think you can upload eamil through ftp.

You may want to refer some articles in wiki http://wiki.dreamhost.com/index.php/E-mail_Import

I’m not familiar with those codes. So I can’t provide any more suggestions.

BTW, you can always access email through webmail.yourdomain.com. You can configure email settings through mailboxes.yourdomain.com

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I did try that, but apparently everyone on that server shares the same userspace, so my user name is already taken…

I took a quick glance at the wiki page, but it only seems to work as matttail was saying with a user by that name & FTP access.

I’ll keep poking around, and maybe ask the DH staff about it.

Thank you both for the suggestions!