Uploading cgi scripts

Hello all, I am new to all this and recently joinged DH. Problem I am having is that the FTP upload would not work so I used Frontpage to Publish the site.

None of my Java scripts are working? How do I make a directory in or on the Web Panel. I had Feature Price and the one good thing they had on both their old and new systems was the ease of their web panel and uploading.

My site is www.bluesteelgreatpyrenees.com and all pages have scripts and all are not working?

Any help would be greatly appreciated and remember … I am new to all this :slight_smile:


[quote]Can’t help with the FTP thing, other than to suggest using WS_FTP
or similar GUI FTP program; the panel upload didn’t seem to work
for me either when I tried just now.


The panel upload option just points to an “ftp://” type link. If your web browser (or any other program) isn’t set up to handle that, it actually won’t do anything.

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Thanks for the suggestion regarding “right click” - I put it on bcz I found my photo’s for sale on a site.

I am just a beginner and will take one step at a time - and once I get everything else worked out I will look at changing the view.

Thank you again,

I use WS_FTP and at the end of the transfer it ends with “quotas off”

I have been uploading via Front Page “publish” feature which works fine. The FTP is very convenient though and I don’t understand “quotas off”. Prior to switching hosts on Feature Prices’ old server I would upload and it would end with “Transfer Listing Complete”. I can keep using Frontpage but really would like to know what the heck “quotas off” means" :wink:

Btw - the java’s are working fine now. I didn’t have the files webmaster had them and still has to send me a few more.

Thanks again Jeff and Bob!
Dianne (who’s happy to be with Dream Host)

As far as I know that’s just some kind of ‘ready for next command’. Look at the couple of lines above it in the status window – they probably say Transfer completed, and if so the transfer was fine.