Uploading Address to Squirrelmail

I have been trying to upload a bunch of addresses to Squirrelmail wih no success.

There are 68 addresses in all.

They are in a csv file with the format:
nickname, first_name,surname,email,other_info

The file is called addresses.csv and is saved in text mode.

A sample of the file is:


However, when I upload it, all the addresses are all read as one long line.

I have tried it with and without a header row.

With a header row shows nothing.
Without a header row, I get the one long line of all addresses.

How do I format the file so that it reads each new line as a new record???

Just a quick shot at it here: try dropping the last comma of each line


Just tried it - that makes no difference. The last comma is there because they have an “Additional Info” field, which I am leaving empty.
{nickname, first_name,surname,email,other_info}

Dreamhost suggested I make the file size smaller; they said over 5 kb is too large. My file is only 4 kb.
I tried it with just two email addresses, and still doesn’t work.

If there is anyone out there who has got the csv upload to work, it would be good to know how to do it.

In the meantime, I just told SpamAssassin to white-list whole domains, which reduced the list a fair bit.