Uploading a wordpress theme via ftp?

Hi, I purchased a WordPress theme and thought I could just upload the theme’s .zip file to


using the WordPress “Install Themes” function.

However, these are the instructions from the theme’s designer.

[i]"There are several files included in the ZIP folder. These include wordpress theme files, plugin files, and photoshop files.

"To install your wordpress theme you will first need to upload the theme/plugin files via FTP to your server.

“First you are going to upload the theme folder. Inside the ZIP folder you downloaded you will see a folder named “theme.” Within it is a folder named “MyResume.” Via ftp, upload the “MyResume” folder to your Wordpress themes directory. Depending on where you installed Wordpress on your server, the wp themes folder will be located in a path similar to: /public_html/blog/wp-content/themes.”[/i]

I’m not sure exactly how to do this using DreamHost. Can anybody help me out? Thanks in advance!

Do you have FTP access to your site? That’s what’s necessary to install that “MyResume” folder for your theme. If so, you can also use WebFTP from the DreamHost panel under Manage Domains.

OK, I am in WebFTP in Dreamhost, under


First, the “MyResume” file won’t let me select it after I find it in Files/Browse.

So I tried to upload the entire MyResume ZIP file

but I still don’t understand what I am supposed to do. Do I hit the green checkmark to upload it? There is no status bar to tell me anything is happening.

I am totally lost.[hr]

MyResume shouldn’t be a zipfile. It should be just a folder. If WebFTP won’t let you go into the themes folder, and then upload the entire MyResume folder at once, you’ll have to use a free FTP program like Filezilla.

OK thanks I will try Filezilla!![hr]
Sorry I am still confused. I have installed Filezilla but don’t understand what I am supposed to type into the “Host” field.

Hostname will be kathyshaidle.net
Port will be 21 for FTP (or 22 for SFTP if your user is set up to use this).

Thanks very much for your patience and your speedy replies. I think I’ve got it.

Cool. That’s a really neat looking theme! It’s the second or third really good once I’ve seen from Elegant Themes lately.