UpLoading 1.99GB Video File

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I’m trying to upload a 1.99GB video file and I’m wondering how do I get it done?

This is where I’m at. I have a website. I have a product that I want to sell. I have hosting from Dream Hosting and E-junkie account.

The first thing I need help with is getting this file on to my hosting account.

Any superheros out there to save the day? Thank You.

Pretty broad topics here… expect to spend alot of time learning or hire a professional to set the site up for you.

the basic steps are:
1- if e-junkie account means that E-junkie is your domain registrar and you have a domain registered your first step is to log in to E-junkie and set name servers for the domain to be dreamhosts. the nameservers are listed in the wiki right here

2- next use ‘add domain’ on the “manage domains” in dreamhost panel. The wiki has more info here.

3 -now you can ftp your file to the server. That filesize is very close to a browser limitation for some for many browsers. I would not recommend trying with web ftp for a file that large, get a real ftp client.

now i’m sure you wanted to do more than just put the file on the server…

If it’s the video file you’re selling, you can look into Files Forever which DreamHost provided for a fee: