Uploaded .iso and cannot access it from the web

took over 24 hours to upload a DVD I made from some old VHS tapes.


I can see it in FTP, through ssh, but it will not show up on my site. i get a 403 when linking to it.
I have tried permissions and other things. Really stumped.

Any ideas?


Too big?

This thread helps?


I am not seeing the file listed when I view the contents of www.beerorkid.com/music/ through my browser. Do you have a .htaccess file in that directory, or the parent directory?

It could be the file size, as suggested by Se7enOf9. I believe the Apache web server and most browsers have a 2GB file size limit.


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well there is a htaccess file in the parent but it has never hampered any other file I have shared. it must be the size limit.

Thanks for the info though.


try setting file permissions for that file to 755

Or 644


No go, thanks though.

Seems it is an apache limitation. Oh well.