Uploaded index.html, but parking page still shows


I’m sure this is a silly question, but I’m having trouble getting my homepage to upload properly. There are two domain names hosted on the same account, and mine (the second) has just been added. I uploaded my index.html file to the folder called asage.org (my domain name), but even though I have refreshed the page, the dreamhost parking page still shows when I go to www.asage.org, instead of my index.html. Any suggestions?


Have you tried going into the Dreamhost control panel under Manage Domains and setting the domain to fully hosted?

Should be able to go into the Manage Domains, Edit the parked domain, and on the screen that shows up you can set the domain to “Fully Hosted”


I’m not the admin for the hosting or the other domain name, so I don’t have access to the control panel. I can ask the admin to do it, but I just want to make sure that that’s the problem before I do, since he’s very busy and I don’t want to look silly :-S


I am pretty sure it should. I just tested it on one of my websites and my site became available again within a few moments of fully hosting the domain.


Great, thanks! I’ll ask my admin to try that.


That seems to have done the trick, thanks!


No problem. Glad I could be of help.