Uploaded images

I have a few questions, as I am starting to learn php, I know something can be queried but I am not sure on how much info this gives. So I thought I would ask instead.

  1. What is the maximum file size (upload)allowed via http?
  2. Is this alterable or fixed by DreamHost?
  3. I noticed that certain file formats can not be uploaded via phpbb file attach mod. Example: lwo, lws, and psd. Does anyone know if this limit is in place by phpbb, attach mod, php, or Appache
  4. Can this be changed or is it fixed by DreamHost?

If you are DH user i think you should submit a ticket and ask them about the maximum size i also i was think to ask them About this…

about the format such psd etc… it can be upload you just need to add this format in the phpBB attachment


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Probably a good idea about asking them directly. However I did have the extentions added and I received an error that these extentions are not allowed. They are not on the forbidden list BTW.