Uploaded Images show up as red exs

I’m playing with moving my website over to dreamhost, I originally setup for my real domain to be hosted, but today decided to also setup a subdomain in order to view and test the site to make sure everything uploaded right…it took some time to propagate and voila:


except all images are missing! (those that do show are linked from somewhere else) The files are there, for sure, checked three times, but they won’t show up in the pages.
My good ole cpanel had that problem when hotlinking of images was disabled in a certain way…I do have a passw protected directory and the linking of those images is disabled, but I did enable linking from the above url…and…nothing…

Am I missing something silly? :\

http://surveillance.dreamhosters.com/buttons/ show index. What are file permissions, and contents of .htaccess files?

It’s usually something silly.

The permissions are okay…Contents of the .htaccess file… That’s it!! Thank you! bumps head on the wall

All working now :slight_smile:

I had the same problem. I thought I was losing my mind. darn .htaccess file!