Uploaded Images Not Displaying on Website

I have been running my site for about a year and, starting a few months ago, the images are not displaying on my site. They were all showing properly and all of a sudden stopped. The only ones that show are ones that are routed from other websites, but images uploaded from my computer to my media library are not showing.

Where there were images, there is nothing now (not a broken link icon, not a black outline, etc. Just white.). The only exception to this is my header which does not display but, in place of the image, does display the name of the file. They also will not load from a direct link.

I am running the most recent version of WordPress, the theme I use is Cutline and my host is Dreamhost. I checked the images in my ftp and they are where they belong and a haven’t been moved since. I checked the “settings>media/miscellaneous” option in wordpress and the correct file is listed in “Store uploads in this folder” (“Full URL path to files” is blank and “Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders” is checked). I checked the site on both Firefox and Internet Explorer and it looks the same on both browsers.

The website is http://ArtFeedOnline.com

After posting this issue on the WordPress.org forums and, by suggestion, tried: Checking file/directory permissions (set to 755: but please clarify what this should be so that I know I’m accurate here) and checking the .htaccess file, I was told that my best bet was to check with my host, DreamHost. (The WP thread can be seen here: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/uploaded-images-not-displaying)

Any feedback or suggestions are appreciated!!! I’m now officially done with anything I know how to do! Thanks in advance.

Make doubly sure that your FTP program connects to artfeedonline.com, and not MACHINE.dreamhost.com.

The biggest problem I see is that your theme directory and image name have spaces in them. Spaces in file/directory names really screw things up. Get rid of those and let us know how things progress. In other words, clearing up this issue will either fix the problem, or make it easier to track down.[hr]
Looking at the Whitman-Hine image, the file appears to be corrupted. How did you upload it? Is it really a JPG, or did you manually rename the extension?

And why do so many of your image files have “copy” in the filename? It seems you’re making duplicates for some reason, and maybe that’s intentional.

Oh, and it just caught my eye that many of your files and directories have upper case letters. That’s about as much of a problem as having spaces in the names. Make them all lower case, as there’s often a case-sensitivity issue on web servers.

Thanks so much for your help. Please forgive me as I’m a beginner here-- I will rename, but what exactly should I be renaming?: The file on my computer pre-upload? The title of the image in Media Library? The fact that the computer puts hyphens in place of spaces doesn’t make a difference, I gather? I never realized that spaces and caps made that much of a difference, but I’ll forever restructure my naming process! Once I rename them, can this cause other problems (location paths and image name not matching, etc.)/any precautions I should take in renaming files?

As for the word “copy” on some of the files: They are jpegs, but when I crop or alter an image in photoshop, I attach the word copy after it in order to distinguish it from the original and then “save as” a jpeg again.

You said that one of the files appears to be corrupt? Does it seem to be just the one or would this be a problem that is covering all of my images? Any way to prevent/fix this?


You still have spaces. They’re the paths and files that use a %20 to take the place of a space. Your large header image that’s not showing up is one example:

Your peacock feather detail image looks to be corrupt (or just not really a JPG like the file extension says):

I’d still like to know how you’re uploading your files. If you still have local copes if your files, such as the above peacock feather file, see if you can open it in your browser (drag the image onto your browser icon) to see if it loads.

Your theme name has a space (and upper case letters) in it. Once you rename it/them, you’ll most likely need to re-select it in wp-admin/themes to pick up the corrected file and path names.