Uploaded files but


I’m pretty new to website designing,development, hosting and all that… I’ve recently uploaded ,my website files onto my domain via webftp, but when I go to the website it gives me the message: “Welcome, website coming soon.”

Any advice


What’s your website called?

If it is a html website you have to have a index.html or index.htm file in the directory.


First thing to check is the domain registration. The domain registration specifies nameservers, and those nameservers tell visitors what computer is hosting the web site. So you want to make sure the nameservers have been updated. Next that computer has to be configured to host the web site a certain way. Either it can redirect visitors to another web site, or it can show a “parking” page, or it can serve files you have uploaded.

So far it sounds like you have a “parking page” but since you haven’t mentioned the domain name we can’t tell if that is a DreamHost “parking page” or not. In case you already know that the domain registration is using the DreamHost nameservers, next thing you need to do is go to the Web Panel and make sure the domain is set for “Fully Hosted” and that you have uploaded the files to the Web Directory.

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