Uploaded files become zero bytes

When I try to upload a file (binary or text) to korben, it changes its filesize as “0 bytes,” an empty file if you try to view it. The clients I’m trying - FileZilla, Core FTP, etc. - will initially show the correct size, but hit “refresh” or try to view it through a web browser, and the file suddenly becomes 0 bytes.

The files themselves will upload fine to other non-DreamHost servers, and a few days ago they were uploading to DreamHost fine, too.

Anyone else having this problem?

Check to make sure you have enough free disk space left. I had this happen once on one of my other sites I set the disk space to 100mb and I forgot that the site had grown so much so I would upload and it would appear to have uploaded fine but then I would refresh and it would say zero.

Check your limits and if they show that you have free disk space e-mail support ASAP.


I’m only at ~8MB right now, and my limit is 100 times this. I guess I’ll give them a shout. :wink: