On the forum i find a huge amount of topics.
But is there any topic about who to upload my first site on the web?
Thank you

The wiki here has lots of information:


i tried to log in with cuteftp but i cant get acces… where do i find the password? and username

Did you register a domain name?
Did you set up domain hosting here? Was it the “Fully Hosted” setting?


i succeeded to log in and now i am on the ftp and there i upload a zip containing the whole site to one folder.
i cant loggin from an external prog such as cuteftp.

Now i wait and see what is gonna happen.
i hope i do it the right way

thank you[hr]

Nothing happend…
It was fully hosted and i have an account[hr]

Ive been searchin for ten houres now and still my site is not even uploaded.
not even online
i believe this site is not my place
it is way to complicated.
good explanations no needs to much words.
i will now delete my account



It is hard to give good explanations if we don’t understand the question.

Hope this gives you some general ideas.

Just sayin’

As said above, that Wiki article posted above will be a good start. It isn’t difficult, really.