Upload WMA

I am trying to upload some WMA and WMV files and cannot do so. I keep getting an error, whether I use dreamweaver or IE. It says that there is an unknown error, and that maybe the file does not exist. I am trying to upload it into my streaming folder, but I also tried my www root folder as well and I get the same error. I can upload php files fine.

Any insight would be great!

Have you tried uploading them with an ftp client? I can only begin to guess what kind of wierdness uploading with IE or Dreamweaver could have, as they each have “their own way” of doing things :wink: .


I didnt think it would be dreamweaver, I have never had issues with it. But I just tried using cuteftp and it had an error as well, suggesting that it might be insufficient disk space. I am nowhere near my maximum disk space - so I dont know how this could be an issue.

Again more insight would be awesome!

I understand. It’s starting to look like there might be a Dreamhost problem. SImilar problems are noted in this thread. Given that, I say it’s time for a vist to the Contact Support section of control panel to check for a System-wide problem and/or submit a support ticket. Good Luck!