Upload Speed Capped?


I have a connection that can upload at around 1.4 MB/s (MEGABYTES). I’ve tried different clients, and all have the same results. The upload speed is capped at around 400 KB/s.

I can even upload multiple files to my accoun on dreamhost with each maxing out at around 400 KB/s. So I hop onto my another webhost, and I am uploading at 1.4MB/s on a single connection/transfer using the exact same client with no changes to any settings.

So the question is, why are the speeds capped? Can they be removed?


Upload speeds are not capped. I believe I found your support request and responded to it. If you did not recieve a support message from me, please repost here with your domain so that I can locate your account.

I did some tesing via ftp and scp and was able to get about 50Mbit/s on average to various hosting machines. Double checking all of our Gbit/s network uplinks I did not find any saturation. I am eager to help you resolve your speed issue, but there is no cap or system wide network slowness currently.


Thanks for the reply, I did not send a support message.
My domain is lookingtomeet.com

Here’s some screenshots:


Upload speeds are fine here, I am seeing no discernable capping on my server (‘Bixel’).

In fact, I just ran a small test and retrieved a large(ish) file from Microsoft using WGET, the average speed was 2.6MByte/s.


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hey justin, can you send in a support message with traceroutes to the two different servers you are uploading to? I’d like to see the exact path you are taking once you enter our network as well as compare the network paths and latencies of your two different test cases. Thanks!