Upload Sizes

Sorry if this has been asked before. I installed wordpress to my site and i have a plugin for podcasting. However, the plugin gave me the following warnings:

Warning: The maximum file size you can upload is only 7168k. Please change upload_max_filesize to at least 15M in php.ini.

Warning: The maximum file size you send through the browser is only 8192k. Please change post_max_size to at least 15M in php.ini.

Warning: The maximum time allowed for an upload script to run is only 60 seconds. Please change max_input_time to at least 600 in php.ini.

Is there a way to modify these sizes? I know that the php.ini file cannot be modified as it is global for all users, but was wondering if someone found a way to do this so that you can upload larger files. Thanks!

If it’s the Easy Install, then you won’t be able to up the values. But if it the Advanced Install and you have FTP access to the directory with WordPress, then this wiki article works great:


Thanks, I had checked the wiki as well before and came across the article, but noticed that it said:

"Make modifications to this file as necessary. Note that some variables (in particular, post_max_size and upload_max_filesize) are subject to internal limitations; increasing them significantly beyond the default values will not work correctly. "

Was just wondering if anyone had a simple fix, but I will try to create a local php.ini and modify the values from there.

Wow that actually did work, the warnings are gone once I edited the variables in the local php.ini. Thanks for the help, and pardon me initial skepticism :smiley: