Upload site

When I type in my domain, I keep getting a message that my site is coming soon. It’s been about 36 hours since I signed up for hosting. I’m using FTP andI feel as though everything is good, but apparently it’s not. Any suggestions why the site is not up yet? Thanks

When you add a domain as “fully hosted” it will create a directory with the same name as your domain name. That directory contains a file called quickstart.html that has a coming soon message.

You should be able to see qucikstart.html in the ftp listing, just delete it and upload your files.

I found it but I’m not sure how to delete it. If I right click, I dont’ get a delete option and if I click on it takes me straight to the coming soon message.

if you are using dreamhosts WebFTP then put a check make in the column on the left and click delete at the top of the page.

I am not using dreamhost’s ftp; but I did delete it from my ftp software ow when I gry to go to my site, the coming soon is gone but now i’m getting this message: index of/ name address and that’s all. Oh my!

There, now you have a very blank slate. Do you have html files to upload? Or were you going to install a One-Click package?
Many people install WordPress from the One-Click install menu. Use the DreamHost panel and go to One-Click Installs and pick WordPress (Custom) installation.