Upload Settings For Forum

Hello, I have set up a forum so I can have people chat about something or another. I want people to be able to upload things such as attachments, avatars and so on. However, I set the permissions on the folder to 777 I try and upload something on the forum the forum gives me an error like this.

The requested file upload failed because suitable permissions have not been enabled on the ‘uploads’ directory. Please contact the board administrator and inform them of this error.”

I am wondering what I am doing wrong.


Irrespective of the instructions that came with the forum, set your permissions on the upload directory to 755 on Dreamhost (it’s a quirk of DH use of suexec - and it is a "good thing"tm for security).

Should that turn out not to be the problem, you just need to double (triple?) check the settings on the forum (a path could be screwed up).


Thanks alot man, I got it. It was the bad path area. When I changed site names I moved the forum on the old site to the new site. Completely forgot that the uploads would have not changed.

I have another question.

My database is in the same situation. Can I just change the name of it and it should show up the same or would I have to db back up and run it like that on the new name…

Right now the address is like this.
can I switch it to

No problem. I don’t see any reason why you have to change the database host names - they are all just “aliases” anyway. As long as the database hostname is in the DH DNS, and you are connecting to it from within a DH domain, it ought to work as long as your forum/other software config points to the right database (regardless of what it is called).

That said, to answer your question:

[quote]Right now the address is like this.
can I switch it to
I don’t know for sure what you mean by “switch” - there is no need to export/create new/import the data from mysql.site1.com to mysql.site2.com. You can probably leave it as it is, or if you want (to keep the site name “the same” between the site and the mysql host) you can simply add an additional “host” of mysql.site2.com to the database in question in the Control Panel-> Manage MySQL section. That way, you could refer to the same database in either way.

Just make sure you have the forum/software config set to a proper hostname that is valid for the database in question.

Does that make any sense?


I think if not i will post back. You have been alot of help.

Thanks for taking time out man… appreciate it.