Upload scripts?

Hi do’s anyone know what are the best upload scripts out there i need one thats free. Its ok if its nullified ill still take it but please post upload scripts that are good and protected. I want to host maby a file, image hosting site but i need a good protected upload script.


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You might should think that through a little, as policing it for coyright violations could get to be a real problem.

Along those lines, you probably should consider doing something about the “music” directory on the site listed in your profile - it would be a real shame to have your brand new hosting suspended for abuse (http://abuse.dreamhost.com) :frowning:

There are lots of upload scripts out there; which one is best for you is really a matter of choice. Check out http://www.hotscripts.com.


Well… Before i bought web hosting from you guys i told dreamhost support people if i can upload what ever i want like Music, Movies, Full games. and the support people said yes i can host what ever i want.

And i dont get what you mean abuse what am i doing abusiv to my web site?

Xfire: LaNx1337

First of all, you didn’t buy anything from anybody here - this is a customer to customer forum where DH staff rarely visits, and even more rarely posts. :wink:

As for what you say you were told…meh. Did you even read the Terms of Service and or the Abuse Center page I linked you too?

Do what you want…I was just giving you a “heads up”, so you wouldn’t be surprised when/if they terminate your account. There is no rule that you have to appreciate the warning! :wink:

Sure, you can upload anything you own the right to distribute , for example music, Movies, games, etc that you hold the copyright on or have legal permission to copy/distribute.

I’m not even gonna go into an argument with you over all that…the abuse.dreamhost.com site I linked you to explains it well enough - believe it, or not, it’s up to you.

Ah…grow up! read the link I provided, and if you still don’t get it, come back with an intelligent question.


I think support may have misunderstood your question as rlparker mentioned. This is not a warez service or the like. They expect you to be only hosting what you own and legally can distribute. Also, running nullified scripts is illegal. I wouldn’t advertise that you are requesting warez.

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