Upload script

I just transferred my hosting to DH and now an upload script that I had on my old server doesn´t always work, it does upload smaller files but stalls on bigger files.

Is there a file size limit built into the php configuration on DH?

Anybody had the same problem. I’m trying to get up to about 20MB filesize.


Yes, DreamHost PHP, by default, sets the upload_max_filesize at 7MB.


The limit for PHP is 7Mb. FTP, SFTP and Perl have no such constraints.

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You might try following the Custom PHP.ini wiki guide to boost your upload size.
Keep in mind that you are going to be limited to around 100megs of memory in your user space, so if you have a bunch of people using this script, it probably won’t go so well.

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hmmm. so if I use a Perl script I will avoid this problem?

Yes. You might want to check out uber-uploader.


Apache’s max file upload size over rides PHP’s max file upload size, so since php has a max upload size of 7MB, and if apache is set to a max of 10MB (I don’t know what is is actually set to), changing the size of PHP’s max upload to 20MB will not do much, or may not do anything at all.