Upload Progress PECL


Finally I’ve managed to install Pecl APC thanks to wiki page of dreamhost but I have a problem. It seems that there is a bug etc. so the wiki suggests me to use uploadprogress pecl package. I’ve tried to install it with: “pecl install uploadprogress-beta” command but I’m getting an error as “Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted”

Can somebody help me about uploadprogress installation please?


I installed uploadprogress but have a problem:

  1. PHP shows that I have custom PHP 5.2.12;
  2. I can see the section for uploadprogess on phpinfo page
  3. Test application does not work - I can upload file but no messages in between…

Anyone can help?

Best Regards

hey i think i have the solution im testing it at the moment but if you have mod_security enabled it wont work becouse the tmp file is not where apc espects it to be

good luck

search reneweteling for more info i have a tread aswell