Upload problem - need an ftp client that works!

I’ve been trying to upload my site 400mb for the last 3 days. It has taken me 3 days to upload 300mb on a 254/64 broadband connection.

I first started by using IE6 as an ftp client. It started out telling me that the upload would take 3 days. Then after 3 hours it slowed down and told me that to upload 400mb of fiiles would take 198 days 13 hours and 15 minutes!!

I changed to Mozilla and basically got the same thing. It starts out uploading files very quickly then slowly fades until it (like IE6) gives a timeout error.

I then moved onto WS_FTP_LE. This also started out fast then soon faded uploading a few bytes an hour. It then fades to a timeout error.

I then moved to FileZilla. Basically, this was slightly better. It would actually upload about 20mb of files before it would slow right down and finally gave up with a timeout error and failed auto to connect again.

Is the problem my WinXP PC, Dreamhost or is it within the ftp clients? Is it something I’ve not set properly?

Suggestions for a good ftp client would be much appreaciated. It doesn’t need all the bells and whistles - just something that upload files. Or am I asking too much? -:slight_smile:

Thanks for any suggestions. Also how do people upload large sites, like, 2 or 3 Gb or more. Sounds like it would be a nightmare.


um… 40010000008/64000 = 50000 or roughly 14 hours. :slight_smile:


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I usually use Filezilla and have always been happy.

I suggest you try breaking your site into bite-sized pieces and uploading those files/folders individually rather than trying to do it all at once.

Good luck.