Upload problem - dreamweaver

Hey Everyone,

I am having problems uploading my files. This is the second site
I have with Dreamhost. My first site I uploaded 3 months ago
with no problems. I am guessing I am just forgetting some small
step this time around.

I uploaded my site. After uploading I went to mysite.com and
I was surprized to see a “Site Index” listing all the files I just
uploaded (listed separatly in a row, as opposed to actually
being a full website).

I assume my problem is in my FTP setting. Here’s what I am doing:


What is the hostname: mysite.com

What folders do you what your files in: mysite/

FTP login: mylogin

FTP password: mypassword

That’s it!

I am using the newest version of Dreamweaver. If anyone has
any idea of how I am messing up here let me know.

Thanks for the help!

If you’re seeing a list of files that you uploaded, then your FTP settings are just fine. Have you named your ‘home’ page (the one you want to load when people first go to your site) index.htm? (or .html)


Thanks for you quick reply.

Yes, I do have my homepage named index.htm

Any other ideas?

Again, thanks!

You’re putting the files in your “mysite.com” (or net, etc.) folder, not a “mysite” folder?


Can we have a link to the website you’re trying to upload?