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Hi everyone!
Wondering how to make an upload page in Dreamweaver for my dreamhosted website. I want customers to be able to upload pics, preferably more than one at a time, to a folder on my site.
I have the field form no problem. I just don’t know how to get it to the website.
Dreamweaver help is not helpful - just tells you how to make a page to find the file, then what?!!?
I am a newbie! Any direction would be helpful.

This page should help you out. PHP Manual - Handling file uploads

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Thanks so much. I’ll check it out!

Hi ymmas,

Thanks for ASKing about an upload page.

I’ve copied and pasted a php script below for Uploading files to Your account.

Don’t know how well it will work as I haven’t tested it on DreamHost’s Servers, but I’ve used these scripts YEARS Ago (before I had a DH Account.)

Hope this helps.



Select file to upload:


<?php set_time_limit(60); $path = "youraccount/public_html/files/"; $dest = $path.$origem_name; echo $dest; if (($origem <> "none") && ($origem <> "")) { // if ($origem_size < 150000 && $origem_type == "image/pjpeg") { if (copy($origem,$dest)) {; echo " file copy $origem_name sucessefull"; echo " type of file: $origem_type"; } else { echo "folder with no write permissions "; } // } else { // echo " bad file"; // } unlink($origem); } ?>

Wondering if I could get some further help? Please!
I used some freeware to get an upload form but it doesn’t appear to be working. Wondering if any of you web geniuses could take a look…
I did contact the designer but nothing so far.
I’m sure it something simple, I hope.

Well, from looking at your links (and the rest of your very nice site) I think you might want to re-think that script you are using.

While it would be a good “learning excercise” to get it to work, and that is certainly worth something, I suspect that some of the material your clients will be uploading will exceed the DreamHost PHP max_upload_filesize_limit of 7 MB (hi-res photos and/or video).

To avoid this, I highly recommend uber uploader. This not only seems to meet your needs particularly well, but it has been installed and operated on DreamHost without problems. It also eliminates the need to change anything in the DreamHost environment to upload huge files.

In addition, there are several threads in these forums dealing with uber uploader and providing tips for installing it correctly, which can be helpful if you run into problems.


Thanks so much for the support and advice.
I did download uber uploader. Unfortunately the “simple installation” looks a bit over my head. I’m about to give it a go, but I do not have high hopes. I think I may have to spend some money on this.

Your’e welcome, and don’t be discouraged by what might at first appear to be beyond your capabilities. We can help you get uber-uploader installed without you having to dig into your pocket (though, or course, you can do that … it is certainly quicker and easier at some level).

Give it a try, and see how it goes … you might be surprised at what you can do! :slight_smile:

It might help you to read some of the other related posts first, so you get an idea of what you might encounter, and you can always post back here if you have troubles. Good Luck!


okay so I uploaded the files. That worked fine. Then I tried out the upload page, it said it did it. Now where did those files go?!?!?
Oh boy, I have no clue :slight_smile:
I first got an internal server error, changed permission then it worked, but to where?
Off to investigate…

Holy crap I just found them. Seriously it’s that easy?? I had to have done something wrong…

he he he … yes, it can actually be “that easy!” :wink: I’m glad you are having such success! :slight_smile:


Arn’t you glad that you climbed that ladder so it is no longer over your head. LOL.

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